Rich Mullins - Elijah (Spanish translation)



The Jordan is waiting
for me to cross through.
My heart is aging, I can tell.
So, Lord, I'm begging
for one last favor from You -
Here's my heart. Take it where You will.
This world has shown me
how we're mended and how we're torn,
how it's okay to be lonely as long as you're free.
Sometimes my ground was stony
and sometimes covered with thorns
and only You could make it what it had to be.
If they dressed me like a pauper
or if they dined me like a prince,
if they lay me with my fathers
or if my ashes scatter to the wind,
I don't care.
When I leave I wanna go out like Elijah,
with a whirlwind to fuel my chariot of fire.
When I look back on the stars,
it'll be like the candlelight in Central Park,
and it won't break my heart to say goodbye.
There's people [who've] been friendly,
but they'd never be your friends.
Sometimes it's bent me to the ground.
Now that this is all ending,
I want to hear some music once again,
Because it's the finest thing I have ever found.
[But] The Jordan is waiting,
Though I ain't never seen the other side.
They say you can't take in the things you have here.
So on the road to salvation,
I stick out my thumb and He gives me a ride.
His music is already falling on my ears.
There's people been talking.
They say they're worried about my soul.
Well, I tell you that I'll keep on rocking
until I'm sure that it's my time to roll,
and when I do..
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Spanish translation


El río Jordán espera
a que yo cruce
Mi corazón envejece, lo noto
Así que Señor, te ruego
un último favor tuyo -
He aquí mi corazón. Llévalo a donde Tú quieras.
Este mundo me ha mostrado
cómo somos arreglados y cómo somos destrozados,
que está bien sentirte solo siempre y cuando se seas libre.
A veces mi camino fue pedroso
y a veces estaba cubierto de espinas
Y sólo Tú pudiste convertirlo en lo que tuvo que ser.
Si me vistieron como un pobre
o si me sirvieron como a un príncipe,
si me enterraron con mis padres
o si mis cenizas se esparcen en el viento,
no me importa.
Cuando parta quiero irme como Elías,
con un torbellino que impulse mi carruaje de fuego.
Cuando vuelva la mirada hacia a las estrellas,
será como una luz de vela en Central Park,
y no me romperá el corazón decir adiós.
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