Ella (Hadri Leabik | حضري لعبك)

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Get your toys and make your bed
and if they asked who is coming ? Tell them my sister Ella
Tell dad that now he have two daughters
and ask mom where is my sister’s song ?((the meaning: Have you finished making her a song just like you have did for me before?))
(said the mother to her older daughter)
I want you to love me, take care of me, put a cover on me, When I feel cold...
I want you to sing to me (sing me a lullaby) when I'm scared of thunderstorms...
read me a bedtime story till I fall asleep...
(said the little girl to her sister)
you will watch for my stuff, walk with me step by step,
In my birthday night, you will give me a gift, and we will be wearing matching outfits...
And I will learn from you because you are two years older than me...
(said the little girl to her sister)
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Hadri Leabik | حضري لعبك

حضري لعبك رتبي تختك لو سألوا مين جاي لعندك قولي ايلا اختك
حضري لعبك ورتبي تختك لو سألوا مين جاي لعندك قولي ايلا اختك
وخبري البابا صار عنده بنوتين واسالي الماما غنية اختي ايلا وين


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kelsammo     May 27th, 2013

I love this song so cute

saeedgnu     September 19th, 2014

The lyrics has been rewritten
Please update your translation