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Freundeskreis 99, (in) Esperanto (<- it's a synthetic language), understood internationally
We occupy messages* in written off vobluary**
Esperanto gets into German subburbs
(and) Freundeskreis turns to Amikaro
the 2pac Amaru of Stuttgart's Barrios
our language expresses this melting pot
we're making that hip-hop sound which is equal to the world we live in
because we still see clear und know who we are
for the fans who love sound from 0711***
miliano mondano with the perfect mix
don philippo and frico, the discjockey
philosophy, streetpoetrie
a lingua franca for all left winged and immigrants
it's '99, rap is universal,
managers look like b-boys, the culture is broke by money
what media says about hip hop is wrong
we do what we do but, but the context went away
i get a headache, too much pop-singers
but FK (=freundeskreis) won't fit in that category
nothing that can stop us, nothing that will keep us here
we spread over stuttgarts hills into the world, Esperanto.
- chorus- (french)
Esperanto, it's the language of love, (which)
we speak it piece by piece
esperanto, and the day hope was born
Esperanto, state of mind from people like us
for those who give culture and not just take
a synonym for "let there be hundreds of flowers"
one hundres schools in rapcyphers who compete
esperanto: answer to the cultural bankruptly
musik is the language of the world, not just for making some quick money
esquchar el lenguache raps belcanto (<- i think this is spanish, sorry)
playing**** the first string like castro for hist last tango
esperanto: eloquencely definition:
a fast-learned language to communicate
based on romanic, german, yiddisch, slawian,
no imperialism or privilege of the higher educated
esperanto: if you don't get it now, it's more important to read between the lines
our style is in your souls, feel what's my input
i'm a lyricist international linguist
miliano soulguerillo (?)
the partizan of words, the last mohican
at the mic friends represent
FK amikaro, motto esperanto.
- chorus - (french)
for all people all over the world
for all the people who are here
esperanto nine nine
times will change with that nine (?)
and you will love those
amikaro and déborah
it's a debate against sadness (?)
we write you in esperanto.
* "Botschaft" means message or embassy words in german, in this case it is amiguously because...
** the German word "Wortschatz" (which means vocabluary in translation) contains the word "Schatz" which means "treasure"
*** Stuttgart's post code
**** "Fiedel" is Castros first name and the german verb for playing strings
? = not sure/don't know
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Pretty hard to explain some word plays, enjoy anyway!

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Freundeskreis '99
mit Esperanto international verständlich, yeah, yeah
Wir besetzen Botschaften mit totgesagten Wortschätzen
Esperanto hält Einzug in bundesdeutschen Vorstädten
Freundeskreis führt zu amikaro1,
Der Tupac Amaru des Stuttgarter Barrios
Unser lingvo2 ist der Ausdruck dieses Schmelztiegels
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anielsen6 years 7 weeks
anielsen     February 4th, 2011

I really appreciate the effort you've made with this translation, it's not easy, especially because of the plays on words in the lyrics. The way it is translated into English just sounds very casual though... I wonder if there is a more lyrically refined way to translate some of the verses. In the German version of the lyrics they tend to use terms and figures of speech that the "average joe" over there hardly uses anymore. If there was a way to get that to reflect in the English translation it would be great.

salenka     May 6th, 2011

Thanks for the enterprise. Wink