Thorns (Espinas)



Nunca tuve nada, nunca tuve nada
Y cuando tuve algo
Me miran por encima del hombro
Como si fuera un extraño

Nunca tuve nada, nunca tuve nada
Y todo lo tenía
Cuando se abrieron mis ojos
Decían que no veían...

(Coro x2)
Espinas que tengo y espinas clavadas
Espinas que solo me hacen llorar
Espinas que llevo tan dentro de mí
Espinas que solo me hacen sufrir
Espinas, una corona de espinas llevo clavadita por ti

No me des tu afecto a cambio de algo
Yo eso lo detecto
No te hagas el santo
Que me has hecho daño
Y te visto por dentro
Piensa que algún día todos viviremos
Bajo el mismo techo
Es de bien nacido ser agradecido
Y solo digo eso

Para ganar hay que perder
Hacer las cosas sin decir por qué
Y perdonar a los demás
No somos nadie para juzgar
Y darnos cuenta que en la vida
No se debe pagar con falsa moneda

(Coro x2)

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I would really like it if this song coulde be translated. Thanks!

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English translation


I never had anything, I never had anything
And when I had something
People would look at me with disdain
As If I were a stranger

I never had anything, I never had anything
And I had it all
When my eyes finally opened
They said they couldn't see...

(Chorus x2)
I have thorns, stuck thorns
Thorns that only make me cry
Thorns I carry within me
Thorns that only make me suffer
Thorns, I carry a struck crown of thorns because of you

Don't give me affection in exchange for something
I can tell when you do so
Don't pretend to be a Saint
Because you've hurt me
And I could see what's inside you
Just think that someday we all will live
Under the same roof
It's only right to be grateful for what you have
And that's all I will say

In order to win, one must lose
And do things without explaining anything
And forgive others
Because we have no right to judge them
And we must realise that in our lives
We mustn't pay good with evil

(Chorus x2)

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