Here comes the winter (Evo zima će)


Evo zima će


Evo zima ce, ti se ne javljas
nit' mi dolazis, nit' me pozdravljas
pisala sam ti, tiho patila
pisma su se sva, moja vratila

Sto me nisi duze cekao
sto mi nisi nista rekao
zar si zivot svoj promenio
nekom drugom ti ozenio
jedini moj, najdrazi moj

Evo zima ce, svuda trazim te
sneg je prekrio, tvoje tragove
suza ledi se, snaga izdaje
srce slomljeno, tuzno ostaje

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Here comes the winter

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Here comes the winter, you don't let me know
neither come to me, nor greet me
I wrote to you, silently suffered,
All my letters came back

Why didn't you wait longer for me
Why didn't you say anything
Did you not change your life
get married to another
My one, my dearest

Here is the winter, everywhere I search for you
The snow covered your tracks
The tear freezes, strength gives in
The broken heart stays sad

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