Beyond formalism (Exo ap’ ta metra)

English translation

Beyond formalism

While leaning over the sand
I make a wish
to the star of sorrow
to say (to you) that i miss you
Dream (behaves like) a clever tramp
(and) acts like sorrow's catalyst
the rush of which
wobbles me
Life of mine, like a stone
you roll beyond formalism
and now during wintertime
I ask you my life, where do you lead me?
Solve the puzzle of yours
my heart, and live;
(and you) grief you avenge me
you're an obstacle
I'll be looking for the chance
to change you, my life;
may this tear be fatal
and dropped beside my way.
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Exo ap’ ta metra

Γερμένος στην άμμο
ευχή τώρα κάνω
στ' αστέρι της λύπης
να πει πως μου λείπεις
Το όνειρο αλήτης
καημού καταλύτης


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