Fananga mei he Faleinu (Tales from the Tavern theme)


Tales from the Tavern theme

It's Tales (tales), Tales from the Tavern!
The pen is mightier than the sword!
It's Tales (tales), Tales from the Tavern!
Whispers of wizards, from lands unexplored!
Tales of the mighty, tales of the bold.
Tales of dark dungeons, and goblins and trolls.
Tales of true heroes who rise in the night.
Tales of incredible fights.
It's Tales from the Tavern!
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Tongan translation

Fananga mei he Faleinu

Ko e fananga (fananga), fananga mei he faleinu!
Maalohi ange e mata'itohi 'i he heletaa!
Ko e fananga (fananga), fananga mei he faleinu!
Fanafana 'o e fiemana, mei fonua ta'e'iloa!
Fananga 'o e kaukaua, fananga 'o e kaulototō
Fananga 'o e 'anapo'uli, mo e kaukopuleni mo e kautolole
Fananga 'o e kauto'a mo'oni, 'a ia 'oku nau mahiki 'i he pō
Fananga 'o e tau mālie.
Ko e fananga ia mei he faleinu!
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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