Promise me (Fares Karam song.. w3adne وعدني)


Fares Karam song.. w3adne وعدني

صوتك دايما ببالي وانت مش عارف
حلمي اشوفك ليالي وانت مش شايف

قاعد انا لحالي وقلبي صار خايف
حبك عني بعيد

وعدني اوعى عني تغيب
بعرف انك انت الحبيب

ظلك حدي مني قريب
قربك جراحي بيطيب

معقول قلبك ينساني وينسى الغرام
انت اللي قلت بتهواني كل الايام

بعدك كثرت احزاني والله حرام
غيرك انا مابريد

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to english please = )

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English translation

Promise me

Your voice is always in mind, and you don’t know it
My dream is to see you for night, and you don’t see it

I’m sitting alone, and my heart became scared
Your love is far away from me

Promise me that you will never leave me
You now that you are the love

Stay near me, close to me
Your nearness heals my wounds

Is it possible for you heart to forget me and forget the passion?
You’re the one who said that you will love me all the days (forever)

In your absence my wounds became more
I don’t want anyone other than you

Submitted by rere99 on Sat, 18/12/2010 - 04:23
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I tried. I love this song! have been listening to it for days Smile

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