Every (fiecare)

English translation


Every leaf whispers
Every spring thunders
But I am quiet, I listen in privacy
To the sound of the autumn wind.
Every flower turns pale
Every tree rests
But I smile, I am happy
It is summer in my heart.
Oh, beautiful dream and yet wonderful reality
Replenish my soul with peace.
Every leaf whispers
Every spring thunders
Carrying toward you the song of my heart....
I love you!
Submitted by Katherine0825 on Thu, 05/11/2009 - 00:43
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Pretty lyrics Smile



fiecare frunza sopteste,
fiecare izvor ropoteste,
dar eu tac, ascult in taina,
glasul vantului de toamna.
fiecare floare paleste,
fiecare copac se odihneste,
dar eu zambesc, ferice
e vara in inima mea.