Wake Up From What You're In (Foo' Men Elly Enta Feh)


Foo' Men Elly Enta Feh

فوق من الي انت فيه اعمل حاجه مستني ايه
عيد حساباتك يا حبيبي دا لو يهمك حبنا

مين بيحب مين دا احنا بقينا متغربين
لو مش خايف علي الي بيننا مش هخاف عليه انا

احنا فيها لسة فيها يلا غير نظرتي
و بأيديك تفضل حبيبي او تفارق دنيتي

جايز بالعتاب ترجع تاني تعمل حساب
لسنين فاتو ذكري حلوه و عمري وياك ابتدا

لو متهمنيش كان من بدري اسيبك و اعيش
ولا كنت ارجع ققول حبيبي مين هيبقي عليك كدا

fou' milly enta fih
i`mel haga msteny eh
`ed hisabatak ya habiby
da law yhimak hobbina

meen byhib meen
da ihna ba'ena metgharabin
law mish khayef `alilly beyna
mosh hakhaf `aleh ana

ihna fiha lesa fiha
yalla ghayar nazrety
we bidek tefdal habiby
aw tfare' donyety

gayez bel `etab
terga` tany ta`mel hisab
la sinin fatou zikra helwa
we `omry weyak ibtada

law ma tehimnish
kan min badry asibak wa`ish
wala kont arga` a 'oul ya habiby
meen hayeb'a `alek keda

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Wake Up From What You're In

Wake up from what you're in, do something what are you waiting for
Go over things again my dear that's if our love is important to you

Whom loves whom, we've become strangers
If you're not worrying over what's between us, I won't worry about it

We are still in it, come on, change my view
And it's within your hands to remain my dear or to part my world

Maybe with reproach you'll return again and make consideration,
The years past are a nice memory and with you my life began

If you're not important to me, from early on I'd leave you and live
And I wouldn't return and say my dear, who would be like this over you

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