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Hello, dear people..

Recently, I have found some song while searching for old videos of my native city, Constanta, and I found a video, with three song which I really-really enjoyed.. All I need is someone to tell me if this song is in Arabic and, if not, which language or which song if anyone knows it..


The song starts at 1:00 Regular smile

Thank you so much

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In the comments below the video on YouTube ask your question. The owner actively responds. Filmari Aeriene Constanta (Constanta Aerial Filming)
"Orasul Constanța/Filmare aeriana / Tomis-ul după două milenii", ("Constanta City / Air Filming / Tomis after two millennia") It was shot via drone. Such unforgotten beauty, Romania.
I see that the video was posted in 2016. If you have no response here you may explore that option as well. Regards.

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I will wait for their response and if I get nothing, I'll continue it here.