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It's been bugging me for a while now, but how and where should songs by two different artists be added? For example, a song is a collaboration between two artists where one artist isn't just featuring the other? Thank you.

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Are they under one name then? I've added many collaborations between artists who work under one name, we allow that.

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It really depends on whether they are having just one song together, or a whole album - as far as I know, we allow both to be added in the artist field only if they've collaborated together for some time, thus are known as a duet. Example -

If, however, everyone is having their own career and they got together to do that one/two/three song/s, then only one of them should be the "main" artist, the other one should be added as a featuring - it doesn't really matter in which order, as long as they are there (although I personally prefer putting the one that has its name first in the video as a main artist, I think it makes the search easier, but it may be just me). Example -

Hope that helps!

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I meant only if they got together for one song, but have their own respective solo careers - like the Zayn and Taylor song. I thought there was maybe an option to put two "main" artists (not one as a featuring one), but I understand now.