I need to find a song / an artist

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I am watching anime about dances and... I like one song from one series of anime. But I am not a native english, and I hear a foreign speech badly ( but I am trying improve this skill,lol)

My lyrics/words:
It's a friend love you
A man can be(?)
Never single sun (?)
Smile is the chest
To take hand

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The music played there is composed for the series (by Yuki Hayashi, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Ballroom), so this song isn't available (I think). The only soundtracks I found are these:


PS. Don't worry about your listening comprehension, it will improve. Understanding grammar will help A LOT. I suggest you read books in English and try to observe the grammar rules, or better yet, learn the grammar rules online. I can recommend some sites later. Also keep in mind that sometimes the English in animes isn't exactly perfect, either.