Lines I can't understand, help transcribing

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Hello, my native language is spanish, but I can understand english to basic level.
So. I'm transcribing one of my favorite songs, but I don't understand some words, please, help me.

-Old spark (?)

-"An eternal life" or "I'm eternal life" or both?

-Unburrowed Is my hallow (?) if it is correct, what that mean?
Nowhere to be found (?)

-Held me hell (?)

-lonely you

Thanks for your help

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Hello there. I found some lyrics on the internet machine for your project and they seem to be more or less correct. The answers to your questions are:

- Old spark
- Of eternal life (first verse), I'm eternal life (second verse), My eternal life (third and fourth verse)
- Unburrowed is my Narlow (No idea what it means)
Nowhere to be found
- Held me hell
- I won't leave hell (I think)

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Thanks a lot, I had already seen the lyric in "songlyrics" but I wanted to check those lines. because I always listen  "An eternal life"  and "an eternal lie". 
As for Narlow, if it does not exist then it must be another word. The phrase that I write was given by a friend who lives in the USA, but I still have this doubt. However, if you confirm that he really say that, then I have no further questions.  Regular smile