"friend" requests...

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hello everyone!
so, i might be overreacting here -besides, i do that quite often- but still, i wanted to share this with everyone else so that you could tell me what you think..
so, lately, i've been receiving these private messages by "guests" and not members, telling me that they find me interesting even though they do not know me -yeah bite me!- and that they would like to communicate with me and give me their e-mail telling me to send them a message and stuff. and these message-texts are almost identical most of the times.
so, what i'm trying to say here is that i'm getting a bit suspicious.. if someone likes the people in this site, so he likes languages and stuff, why doesn't he login, so that we will know who he or she is and remains a guest? do we have a little privacy issue here?
indeed i am rather sensitive when it comes to privacy issues, and maybe i am overreacting, but then again, maybe i'm not. that's why i wanted to post this as a forum topic. do you have similar experiences? do you find it strange?

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Sounds a bit like spam... I haven't received any messages like that!

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Yeah, last summer I got some strange emails from somewhere in Africa. I don't mind, I like African folks Smile But be careful, better remove your email address Sad

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Oh I've received quite a lot of similar PM's ever since I've been a member Smile Those are spams, no doubt about it (for me that is). When it comes from Guests, just ignore them, as we cannot ban a user that doesn't have an account. On the other hand, if they're registered, then please let us know. We'll be only too pleased to report them to the master of us all, I'm referring of course to LT Laughing out loud

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i see.. thank you guys for discussing it. Smile of course i'll ignore those messages... i just wish these people find some other way to kill their time. i knew i wouldn't be the only one to encounter such incidents.. i see now that it is indeed a widespread phenomenon.. Take care guys and do not let them spoil what we've got here, in this great community. <3