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Hello all!

There is a theming add-on for Firefox (and Chrome) called Stylish, which lets you change websites' appearances. I was wondering if someone with knowledge of HTML would like to try this on LT, for example, make a night version? The CSS is loaded on the persons computer, so it doesn't affect the server.

Here's the add-on:

Styles can be found here:

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Hi, Pääsuke

That would be good - specially if you're using the website from a not-well-lit place. I have suggested this for the Admins to considerate. Thanks for the idea.

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So, I've just uploaded the style to the website (

Here's the link:

It may or may not work. If it does, great, if it doesn't, sorry (feel free to change the CSS, if you know how).

1. Install addon
2. install theme
3. Refresh LT
4. Done