[SOLVED] Hebrew romanization

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Hello ! I want to post some Hebrew songs however I can't find the transliteration of the titles. I've found a couple of sites where they provide you with the transliteration of the hebrew word but without the vocals e.g Vnv vrk st (בניו יורק סיטי)

Google does transliterate other languages like Greek, Russian, Arabic etc but not Hebrew. Is there any site like this?

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One option is to plug individual words of the title into https://forvo.com/ where volunteers pronounce words and then just transliterate based on what you hear. However, because it is request based and volunteer based (like this site), not all words will be available.

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It is important to notice that sometimes an isolated Hebrew word cannot be transliterated correctly without context because there are letters that represent different sounds. It would be good to listen to the song as well to learn the alephbet, that is quite simple and fun.

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send me the titles by PM I'll do it or better PM me the artist page i'll to the title TL for every song