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Hello everyone!! I've been on LyricsTranslate for two months and I thought of introducing myself. So, I'm a young French student who loves learning languages and, as many of you, translating.
I really like translating songs, because I can practice and even learn some new words and it helps me a lot. I prefer translating European languages, especially Nordic, Celtic and German languages Regular smile
I love this great community and I do hope I will have friends there.
Greetings from France!!

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Welcome in this group Konall! I hope that you succeed in your aims, and that you enjoy to stay here.
Greetings from Italy!

PS: very elegant your symbol, has it a special meaning?

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Thank you very much!! Yes, I will. I love this community Regular smile Oh, mi piace l'Italia e ho della famiglia a Bergamo. x)

It's a Celtic symbol called 'triskele'. It has several meanings, but I don't really know them xD this symbol is very known in the Celtic countries, especially Ireland and the French region of Brittany.

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Hello and welcome to LT, Konall, hope you'll like it here. And I'll second that, that's a very pretty profile pic you have there! Regular smile

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Hi! Welcome! I hope you enjoyed and will enjoy your time here.

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Hello!! thank you very much for your warm welcome!! haha thanks Teeth smile I will!!

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Konall, welcome to our community.

Have a nice stay. Please take some time reading our FAQand our Rules.


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Greetings everyone, I'm new-blood in here.