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Hello! My name is Alberto, I'm from Spain. I knew about this webpage recently when looking for the lyrics of a song I wanted to prepare with a friend of mine and...whoooppps...great place to register at, indeed. I would like to contribute by translating spanish songs to english (and the other way around as well), and possibly (with time, as I am still not a specialist in those) including french and german sometime soon. Let's see how it goes. For the time being, feel free to request any spanish english translations. Thank you guys for your amazing job in here, hope I can talk to any of you soon. Greetings!

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Welcome to LT Alberto, hope you will have a long and pleasant stay! Regular smile If you have any questions, the FAQ section is a good place to start from: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/faq

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Welcome! :)  Regular smile

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Hi! Welcome to LT, have a good stay around! By the way, I'm from Azerbaijan. (:

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Thank you guys for passing by and writing some words. See you around!

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Hello Everyone. This is Gildas from Benin. I have joined you here as my dream is to become a translator. Music is one of the best thing I like to listen to. I decide to start translating lyrics into other languages as a way to embark on the journey.

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Welcome Gildas, Im sure you will have a great time here and get much closer to your goals. Greetings!

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Hello from Belarus Regular smile