[Tutorial/Tip]How to format ALL-IN-UPPERCASE LYRICS to Normal lyrics

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Hey! It might well be that this post isn't neccessary at all or relevant to you specifically, but if it is, read on.
Sometimes you may find lyrics that are in UPPERCASE letters. What do you do when you want to make it so that only the first letter of each line is a capital letter?

1. Open Openoffice or Word
2. Press and hold the ALT key. This enables you to highlight columns of text, which means you can highlight all other text except for the first capitals of each line.
3. Go to Format -> Text -> Lowercase. Done!

This also works in Word. For those who have good visual memory, I made a short video tutorial:

Watch the video in fullscreen with 1080p quality.

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Thank you, I didn't know how to highlight not the first letter in this automatic way.

However, there is another possibility (at least in LibreOffice, I don't know about those other programs):
1. Click ctrl + a to highlight the whole text
2. Click on the right mouse key and choose "Change Case" and then "Sentence case", thereby capitalizing only the first letter of each line. (You may have to change the formatting of the text, though, sometimes texts are formatted in a way that treats whole paragraphs as one line.)

Afterwards, if it's an English text, open "Find & Replace" in the edit menu, type " i " in the search box and " I " into the replace box and click on "replace all". Repeat with " i'" and " I'". Thereby you capitalize basically every instance of the word "I".

EDIT: I took a look at your video, and saw that your method doesn't work. Even if holding the Alt key, you don't only select all but the first letter, but, depending on the width of the letters, sometimes also not the second letter. In your example in only works since the first words already were capitalized properly. You'd first have to format the text to have letters of equal width.

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Hmm, maybe it really does depend on the width of the letters too, but I found that you have to really align the selection accurately. That is, first select the first part of letters which you want to decapitalise and then drag the selection to the right.

I first had the full text in capitals only, but I took several screen recordings to get everything right.

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You can use Shift+F3 to switch between all caps, no caps, and word-initial caps in Microsoft Word.
Ctrl + A --> Shift + F3

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Oh, thanks, it appears to work in Libreoffice too. (I just saw that in the "Text menu" too.)

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Microsoft Word has a button that allows you to uncapitalize words, leave everything in minuscules or simply capitalize the first letter of a sentence/verse. It's always worked with me.

BTW, I marked this as 'Sticky' so it wouldn't be lost with time.

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Oh, thanks Regular smile

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always worked for me

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For the geeky types, notepad++ is the kind of tool that can convert the whole Bible to lowercase, uppercase or any mix you like for breakfast.

It is rather meant for programmers, but can be quite helpful for translators too: search and replace, spell checking, reliable undo system, saving drafts to disk, HTML formatting, solving character encoding problems (it won't loose all the diacritics after a copy-paste)...

The main advantage over word processing softwares is that it's quite lightweight and easy to use. If you stick to its basic features, it looks indeed like a more user-friendly version of notepad, with a few dozen languages available for the interface.

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I agree, notepad++ is great. I sometimes use it at work and it also came in handy on programming courses I did.