Transliterating into kana – is it allowed?

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I was thinking about transliterating a Japanese song into kana, thinking such a text could be helpful for learners who don't want to be so dependent on rōmaji. I just need to ask, considering most other romanization systems are allowed (Hepburn, Kunrei, Russian and Czech romanization systems, etc.), is transliterating into kana also okay?

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I think I mentioned such a thing before in the past and I didn't really deem it as "essential", but I thought it should perhaps be added as a category of its own "Transliteration (Hiragana)" (it was only a suggestion as this was aimed for users who didn't completely have a grasp of kanji and wanted to learn it like that) .

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Considering that there are some ambiguous cases of how to pronounce a kanji, even if context is given, providing the kana makes a lot of sense, even for people fluent in Japanese I suppose.

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