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Hi every body! who is ur favorite singer? lets share our vote.

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Well...A tricky question, if you had asked which band, I would have said Beatles. But as it is... I'm gonna say John Lennon x)

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When I was younger I used to listen to Luxuslärm. I feel a bit too grown up nowadays but I still think the singer (Jini) has one of the best German voices:

I recently found Ed Sheeran, I love his voice, here with Devlin:

And here without:

But I mostly listen to rap/hip-hop, where the voice is not that important

From Turkey - Cem Karaca
From Russia - Victor Tsoi
From Uzbekistan - Yulduz Usmanova
From Europe - Shocking Blue (Mariska Veres)

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I love Dima Bilan.And Enrique Iglesias is not bad.30 Seconds To Mars,Lissie,Eliza Doolittle,Gabriella Cilmi and Barış Manço are my favourites Smile

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good question Mahtab! i really love Enrique Iglesias!Smile :) and Nicole Scherzinger is my second favorite singer!

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I love Eliza Doolittle too Smile

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tnx every body.I stilll wait 4 more answer.plz say the best music of your favorite singer too.(with your own opinion)

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That's a good question! If it's OK to pick a band, then I'd definitely say O-Zone. Their best song is Dragostea Din Tei. But if you're only looking for individual singers, then I'd say Arsenie Todiras. In particular, I really like his song "Minimum". Smile

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from USA: -Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantômas)
-Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave)
from Australia: -Nick Cave (Bad Seeds)
from Irland: -Bono Vox (U2)
from Spain: -Enrique Bunbury (Heroes del Silencio)
from Germany: -Peter Maffay; Stoppok; Farin Urlaub
from Poland: -Ryszard Riedel (Dzem), his son Sebastian Riedel (Cree)
from Soviet Union: -Victor Tsoi (Kino)
from Mexico: -Vicente Fernandez
and last but not least from Italy: Luciano Pavarotti Wink

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'Na Beregu Neba' makes me happy.I love that song.I think Dima Bilan's best song is this one.
'Stay With Me' is one of my favorites.It's Hurts's.
and 'Unutamadım'(Barış Manço) is really good.It's a really old song but I still like listening to it.

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I love:

Robbie Williams: Come Undone, Feel, Morning Sun, Bodies, Angels, Better Man, Lovelight, Starstruck, ...
Take That: Greatest Day, Wait, When We Were Young, The Flood, Love Love, Kidz, ...
Eminem: Space Bound, Love The Way You Lie
P!NK: Crystal Ball, Perfect, So What, It's All Your Fault, I Don't Believe You, Please Don't Leave Me, ...
Adam Lambert: Aftermath, Whataya Want From Me, Mad World, Music Again, Want, ...
Bon Jovi: What Do You Got?, It's My Life, I'll Be There For You, Unbreakable, ...
Mehrzad Marashi: Beautiful World, Don't Believe
Shakira: Sale el Sol, Underneath Your Clothes, Gypsy
Sting: Desert Rose, Shape Of My Heart, Field Of Gold, ...


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Adriana Mezzadri: Marcas de Ayer
Idin: Taghdir, Unsure, Ballare, Hads Bezan
Los canos: Ella es
Roxette: Spending my time, Listen to your heart
The Kelly Family: An angel, I can't help myself, Fell in love with an alien, Roses of Red
Malu: Enamorada
El sueno de morfeo: Me faltas tu
Massari: Real Love, Heart and Soul
Loreena Mckennit: Last Unicorn
Enya: I will find you, May it be
Espirito Andino: Condor pasa
Maziar Fallahi: Dooset Daram, Majnoone Leili
La Oreja de Van Gogh: Muneca de Trapo
Alex Ubago: Me muero por conocerte
Paula Selling: Ploaie in luna lui Marte
Amadeo Minghi: Il ricordi del cuore
Falco: Jeanny

:redface: long list and this is not all!

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I love much artist but my favorite singer is Avril Lavigne because her music is honesty and this is amazing,every song have something special <3
My favorite band is Paramore I love Hayley's voice,If you notice my name is a them song,personally my favorite,I feel good when listen this band *-*
Demi Lovato is so awesome,so strong,so amazing this is my second singer that I love so much,her voice is something unique then
I love The Pretty Reckless <3 them lyrics is something new because don't talking the some thing and One Direction is a good band,great voice e very talent.
Miley Cyrus is my first love and always be Laughing out loud
Ed Sheeran is so talent that I don't know what say,just he music talk alone <3

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My favourite singer is Rihanna (I love her voice):Where have you been

Then Miley Cyrus:When I look at you

and Demi Lovato:Give your heart a break

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Aah le canzoni are far much better than le signore for each and every one non riceve ma si dà. So why choose one when you can have them tutte and not any one of them will ever complain?