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With the LT upgrade, non-English interfaces of the site got many English words and phrases. We need your help to update site translations.
The good news that with the update, now we are able to use convinient (albeit slow) interface that allows you (interface translator) to see your translation live, and correct it instantly. So, if you're interested, here's the list of vacated languages:


Write a PM to LT if you want to help, and we'll respond with instructions.

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Update: Spanish, Portuguese and French are already updated/under progress.
The translation tool is also got an upgrade, now it is much faster and easier to use.

We still need help with:

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Hello. Some of the strings still remain in English, and most help pages can't be read in any other language (FAQ, How to add a translation, How to request a translation).

I volunteer for sending the Spanish and Gallician translations for all of them.

By the way, the contact form is broken. I tried to send the same message 4 times in a row and it still reads "Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator."

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I can help with Bulgarian if you want

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Heheh... would there happen to be a small bug in the English version? I've only used the English setting. Everything is normal except for this:

That big grey button has turned all my friends Russian, apparently.

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SBBF wrote:

Heheh... would there happen to be a small bug in the English version? I've only used the English setting. Everything is normal except for this:

That big grey button has turned all my friends Russian, apparently.

I have the same problem, but I thought that somebody mistranslated "friends" from Bulgarian to Russian, but apparently, I was wrong.

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That bug has been already reported.

Thank you!

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Can I help in translating the interface into the Arabic language…?

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Thanks for the offer. Please pay attention that your role should be Member and above to start working with a translation interface.

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I'd be more than happy to lend a hand in translating something in Spanish, the FAQ is still half-way translated.

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Most of the system can't be translated until lt updates the site (the translation tool only allows to change some parts; apparently the site isn't designed from the start to be translatable). This includes the FAQ, so I had uploaded an article with the translation. (yes, it is a bit confusing right now)

Some people commented here about errors and things I should add. Could you give it a look?

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I just noticed the same thing has happened to me as SBBF reported. My computer logged me off LT, and I just logged in again. Where it says 'Friends', it's not in English, it reads "Пријатељи":

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carnivorous_lamb wrote:

I just noticed the same thing has happened to me as SBBF reported. My computer logged me off LT, and I just logged in again. Where it says 'Friends', it's not in English, it reads "Пријатељи":

I love it, our friends are caught in a language roulette.

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I can help with Indonesian if you want

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I have translated lot of texts for the polish interface, but the texts still changes - not always for the better version. The problem is f.e. the lack of sufficient number of versions of the numerals - in Slavic languages should be a separate form for 1, 2-4 and 5 and more...Example: @count translation / tłumaczenie (for 1), @count translations / tłumaczenia (2-4), @count translations / tłumaczeń (5 or more).
For the coordination of work I'll start the discussion about Polish Interface on the LT Forum

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In Russian is a mistake in New Translation Form.
"Song title translation:" = "Перевод названия песни:"
"Song text translation:" = "Перевод текста песни:"
Not "Перевод названия песни:"

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Please, add language names in Russian:

"Azerbaijani" = "азербайджанский"
"Malay" = "малайский"
"Latvian" = "латышский", not "латвийский"!
"Adunaic" = "адунайский"
"Altai" = "алтайский"
"Aramaic (Modern Syriac Dialects)" = "арамейский (новоарамейский)"
"Aramaic (Syriac Classical)" = "арамейский (классический)"
"Armenian (Homshetsi dialect)" = "армянский язык (Амшенский диалект)"
"Aymara" = "аймара"
"Bagobo" = "багобо"
"Bikol" = "центральнобикольский"
"Black Speech"="Чёрное наречие"
"Burmese" = "бурмешский"
"Butuanon" = "бутуанский"
"Cebuano" = "себуанский"
"Chavacano" = "чабакано"
"Chechen" = "чеченский"
"Chuvash" = "чувашский"
"Croatian (Kajkavian dialect)" ="хорватский (кайкавский диалект)"
"Croatian (dalmatian dialect)" = "хорватский (далматинский диалект)"
"Dholuo"= "долуо"
"Dogon" = "догонский"
"Dutch (Middle Dutch)" = "нидерландский (средневековый нидерландский)"
"English (Jamaican)" = "английский (ямайский креольский)"
"English (Middle English)" = "английский (среднеанглийский)"
"English (Old English)" = "английский (древнеанглийский)"
"English (Scots)" = "английский (шотландский английский)"
"Estonian (South)" = "эстонский (южный эстонский)"
"Fijian" = "фиджийский"
"French (Haitian Creole)" = "французский (гаитянский креольский)"
"French (Louisiana Creole French)" = "французский (луизианский креольский)"
"French (Old French)" = "французский (старофранцузский)"
"Gaelic (Irish Gaelic)" = "ирландский"
"Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic)" = "гэльский"
"Galician-Portuguese" = "галисийский"
"Genoese dialect" = "итальянский (генуэзский)"
"German (Austrian/Bavarian)" = "немецкий (австрийский, баварский)"
"German (Low German)" = немецкий (нижненемецкий)"
"German (Middle High German)" = "немецкий (средневерхненемецкий)"
"German (Old High German)" = "немецкий (древневерхненемецкий)"
"German (Swiss-German/Allemanic)" = "немецкий (швейцарский немецкий, швабский)"
"German (central dialects)" = "немецкий (средненемецкие диалекты)"
"Greek (Pontic)" = "греческий (понтийский)"
"Greek (classical)" = "древнегреческий"
High Valyrian
"Hiligaynon" ="хилигайнон"
"IPA" = "МФА"
"Ilokano" = "илокано"
"Iranian (Balochi)" = "белуджский"
"Istriot" = "румынский (истрорумынский)"
"Italian (Medieval)" = "итальянский (средневековый)"
"Kannada" = "каннада"
"Kapampangan" ="капампанганский"
"Karachay-Balkar" = "карачаево-балкарский"
"Karakalpak" = "каракалпакский"
"Karelian" = "карельский"
"Kashubian" = "кашубский"
"Kinaray-a" = "кинарайский"
"Kinyarwanda" ="руанда"
"Kongo" = "конго"
"Kurdish (Kurmanji)" = "курдский (курманджи)"
"Kurdish (Sorani)" = "курдский (сорани)"
"Kurdish dialects" = "курдский (диалекты)"
"Ladino" = "ладино"
"Laz" ="лазский"
"Ligurian" = "лигурийский"
"Livonian" ="ливский"
"Loxian" = "локсиан"
"Luganda" = "луганда"
"Luxembourgish" = "немецкий (люксембургский)"
"Maldivian" = "мальдивский"
"Maltese" = "мальтийский"
"Manx Gaelic" = "мэнский"
"Mari" = "марийский"
"Minangkabau" = "минангкабау"
"Mohawk" = "могавкский"
"Montenegrin" = "черногорский"
"Nahuatl" = "науатль"
"Navajo" = "навахо"
"Neapolitan" = "неаполитанский"
"Niuean" = "ниуэа"
"Nogai" = "ногайский"
"Norwegian (Dano-Norwegian)" = "норвежский (датско-норвежский)"
"Norwegian (Sognamål)" = "норвежский (согндальский диалект)"
"Occitan" = "окситанский"
"Old Norse/Norrønt" = "древнескандинавский"
"Old Prussian" = "прусский"
"Ossetic" = "осетинский"
"Pangasinan" = "пангасинан"
"Papiamento" = "папьяменто"
"Pashto" = "пушту (пашто, афганский)"
"Paumotuan" = "туамоту"
"Pseudo-Latin" = "псевдо-латынь"
"Quechua" = "кечуа"
"Quenya" = "квенья"
"Rapa Nui" = "рапануйский"
"Rarotongan" = "раротонга"
"Romagnol" = "романьольский"
"Romani" = "цыганский (романи)"
"Romanian (Aromanian)" = "румынский (аромунский)"
"Romansh" = "ретороманский"
"Russian (Old Russian)" ="русский (древнерусский)"
"Sakha" = "якутский (саха)"
"Sami" = "саамский"
"Sardinian" = "сардинский"
"Savonian dialect" = "финский (савакотский диалект)"
"Sicilian" = "сицилийский"
"Sindarin" = "синдарин"
"Somali" = "сомали"
"Sranan Tongo" = "нидерландский (суринамский креольский, сранан тонго)"
"Sumerian" = "шумерский"
"Surzhyk" = "суржик"
"Tahitian" = "таитянский"
"Taiwanese" = "тайваньский"
"Taíno" = "таино"
"Thalassian" = "талассийский"
"Tibetan" = "тибетский"
"Tigrinya" = "тигринья"
"Tokelauan" = "токелау"
"Tongan (Old Tongan)" = "тонганский (старотонганский)"
"Torlakian dialect" = "сербский (торлашский диалект)"
"Tswana" = "тсвана"
"Turkish (Anatolian dialects)" = "турецкий (анатолийские диалекты)"
"Turkish (Ottoman)" = "турецкий (оттоманский)"
"Tuvaluan"= "тувалуанский"
"Tuvan" = "тувинский"
"Upper Sorbian" = "верхнелужицкий"
"Uvean" = "увеа"
"Uzbek dialects" = "узбекский (диалекты)"
"Veps" = "вепсский"
"Waray-Waray" = "варай-варай"
"Welsh" = "валлийский"
"Xhosa" = "хауса"
"Yolŋu Matha" = "йолнгу"
"Zapotec" = "сапотекский"
"Zazaki" = "курдский (зазаки)"
"Zulu" = "зулусский"

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Tanyas2882, thanks a lot for your updates. We're working on the list.

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Thank you for your work!

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But in Russian begin language-names with small letter...

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In the page "Themes" I see:
136 темы, в которых учавствовал(а) tanyas2882
sholuld be:
"136 тем, в которых участвовал(а)",
"участвовал(а)" without "в".
1, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 101, 121... 201... 1001... 123451... тема;
2,3,4, 22,23,24, 32,33,34, 42,43,44, 52, 53,54, 62,63,64, 72,73,74, 82,83,84, 92,93,94, 102,103,104, 122,123,124... темы;
>=5 (other) тем.
Please, edit this page!

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The same problem with endings of nouns occurs in all Slavic languages ​​- Polish for I have indicated a few months ago: one should be subdivided as follows:
(1) theme - 1 wątek
(2-4) theme - ... 2-4 wątki (22, 23, 24 .. 242,243,243 .... 1582.1582, 1583 ...)
5 - ... (5-21, 25-31, 35-41 .....) wątków

I have signaled it already (see above: # 14 31.01.2014 08:06) - so far without response.

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Correction in Polish also requires the Contibution on the maine page (polish): 289 translations, thanked 242 times, solved 112 requests, helped 33 members, transcribed 18 songs
- polish -
Wkład: 289 tłumaczenia, Podziękowano 242 razy, spełnił 112 prośby, pomógł 33 członkom, transcribed 18 songs and not yet translated (this last text does'nt exist on the translation list - no possible to translate to polish!)

It should be:
Wkład: 289 tłumaczeń, podziękowano 242 razy, spełnił 112 próśb, pomógł 33 członkom, transkrybował 18 piosenek

1 tłumaczenie
2 -4 (22-24, 32-34,...) tłumaczenia
5-21...25-31... tłumaczeń

1 prośbę
2-4 (22-24, 32-34,...) prośby
5-21...25-31... próśb

1 członkowi
2-... członkom

1 piosenkę
2-4 (22-24, 32-34,...) piosenki
5-21...25-31... piosenek

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In Russian:
На сайте: 93 перевода (ОК: *1 (except *11) – перевод, *2/3/4 (except *12/13/14) – перевода, *11-19, *5-0 – переводов);

поблагодарили 52 раза (ОК: *2/3/4 (except *12/13/14) – раза, *11-19, other – раз);

выполнено 4 запросов (mistake! *1 (except *11) – запрос, *2/3/4 (except *12/13/14) – запроса, *11-19, *5-0 – запросов);
помог 3 пользователям (OK: *1 пользователю, *2-999 пользователям, *1000 пользователей);
transcribed 7 songs – should be "прослушано 7 песен" (*1 (except *11) – прослушана N песня, *2/3/4 (except *12/13/14) – прослушано N песни, *11-19, *5-0 – прослушано N песен);
Homepage – should be "домашняя страница".

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tanyas2882 wrote:

"участвовал(а)" without "в".

Fixed, thanks.

tanyas2882 wrote:

1, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 101, 121... 201... 1001... 123451... тема;
2,3,4, 22,23,24, 32,33,34, 42,43,44, 52, 53,54, 62,63,64, 72,73,74, 82,83,84, 92,93,94, 102,103,104, 122,123,124... темы;
>=5 (other) тем.
Please, edit this page!

We can't address this issue for technical reasons - software does not support so many word forms at the moment.

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ОК. Maybe so "тем(темы,тема)"; "переводов(перевода,перевод)"; "запросов(запроса,запрос)"; "пользователям(пользователю,пользователей)"; "прослушано Х песен(песни, песня)"?

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Arabic is not on the list of russian names of the languages ??!

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It was a list of untranslated language names:)

love is lost in translation
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I got it :-)

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"In progress" is not "В прогрессе", but "В работе".

"From" is not "от", but "из".

"French" is not "Французкий", but "французский".
"Gujarati" is not "Гуарати", but "гуджарати".
"Flemish" is "фламандский".
And, for example, "Katastroof" artist look so: → диалекты голландского, диалекты голландского, Немецкий (средненемецкие диалекты), Немецкий (средненемецкие диалекты)
Do exist somewhere 2-st language "диалекты голландского"?

Aklan - "аклан"
Al Bhed - "аль бхед"
Blackfoot - "блэкфут"
Castithan - "каститанский"
Dothraki - "дотракийский"
Dutch (Old Dutch) - "нидерландский (древненидерландский)"
Egyptian - "египетский (древнеегипетский)"
English Creole (Tok Pisin) - "английский креольский (ток писин)"
French (Middle French) - "французский (среднефранцузский)"
German (Swiss-German/Allemanic) -"немецкий (швейцарский немецкий, швабский)"
Greek (Pontic) - "греческий (понтийский)"
High Valyrian - "валирийский (классический)"
Ingush - "ингушский"
Italian (Sassarese) - "итальянский (сассарский)"
Lingala - "лингала (нгала)"
Manobo - "манобо"
Norwegian (Sognamål) - "норвежский (согндальский диалект)"
Spanish (Old Spanish) - "испанский (староиспанский)"
Surzhyk - "суржик"
Taíno - "таино"
Tetum - "тетум"

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In the German version of the translation request page, the warning not to put your translation into the comment field is still in English. I think the German would be:

FÜGE DIE ÜBERSETZUNG NICHT IN DEN KOMMENTAR HINZU, benutze statt dessen die "Übersetzung hinzufügen"-Taste. Vielen Dank!

but a native speaker of German had better proofread that.

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Thanks, we'll add your version for now.

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One should not buckle up for what he has no idea. In Polish names for languages, someone try to directly translate Old Prussian. We do not call it "old" because we have distinct name for German Prussians (Prusacy) and indigenous Prussians (Prusy) and we just say "język pruski" because it is surely not German language. But that person probably does not know that. But why there stands now "Staroperski" (Old Persian) instead of "Staropruski" (Old Prussian)? It is a mystery for me...

Please change this on "pruski" of a small letter.

One more thing. In Polish, real names for languages are polszczyzna (Polish), angielszczyzna (English), niemczyzna (German) but everybody call those polski, angielski, niemiecki in the creole manner just like in English. I recommend to improve.

Oh, and the Polish interface. There is too many non-Polish words.
For example "subscribe" is translated as "subskrybuj". It is nasty neologism and proper Polish word is "podpisz" but we use it in different meaning so we develop word "nadpisz". But I recommend to use phrase "śledź wątek" (track the thread). There is also few mistranslated words eg. "replay" into "powtórz" (repeat) but should be "odpowiedz".

I could give proper translations into Polish if you want to.

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I've tryed to notice already, that not all texts can be translated - some phrases and commands simply lack in the set of texts to be translated into polish language. The same with poliish phrases, like uncorrect translated "repeat" and "subscribe". I'll try to find it one more time.
I egree with Sjęgniew, that "subscribe" should be translated as "śledź wątek" and "replay" as "odpowiedz".
Translations of the names of languages "polszczyzna" atc. were contentious, than same like in "English language" - "język angiellski" nobody repeats the word language/język but all readers know, what's the matter, while the words like "angielszczyzna" sounds quite strange.

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Polish language is the most progressive language in Europe. You can develop any word you need. But you need to understand Polish and its power of word-forming.
"Polszczyzna" may sounds strange but the reason of that is Poles can not speak Polish well. Where is dualis (grammatical number), pluperfect, aorist, relative pronouns? to name a few. Does Poles recognize the meaning of Polish words "jenże, jąż, snadź, krom, lubo, gędźba, piśmiennictwo, ścieg"? And where is "ę" at the end of "mogę"? Does anybody spell it today? Language name as "polszczyzna" is Slavic form. Check the Czech "polština", Slovak "poľština". My Slovak friend always says "poľština, nemčina, angličtina" although they are also have "poľský, nemecký , anglický". Poles do not use "polszczyzna" maybe because when written with uppercase, it means Poland in general, or you will not find this anywhere? The main reason of that is Polish lessons in Poland are called "język polski". Minds are lazy. Once you record, you never get rid of it. Schools do not teach Polish language sensu stricto but only the ability of reading. They not teach you proper phrasing. We need to be liberal, right?

Lax z krwi praojców
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Thanks for correction but I point it clear - "old" in "Old Prussian" is in English. In Polish is only "pruski" Phrase "staropruski" refers not to language itself but to medieval Prussians in general.
And almost all Polish names need to be in lowercase because they are adjectives. Only such names as Latin > Łacina or Sanskrit > Sanskryt are proper nouns and could be with uppercase, but nobody cares about that and everybody write it with lowercase so put lowercase at the beginning of every language-name and no one will notice. At least for the most part will be in accordance with Polish grammar.

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In russian "from" is "из", not "от"!
And the language names begin with small letter.

love is lost in translation
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thank you very much

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In russian:

• Avar = "аварский"
• Cherokee = "чероки"
• Circassian = "кабардино-черкесский"
• Common = "всеобщий язык"
• Cornish = "корнский"
• Greenlandic = "гренландский эскимосский"
• Guaraní = "гуарани"
• Lingala = "лингала (нгала)"
• Maldivian (dhivehi) = "мальдивский (дивехи)"
• Sardinian (Sassarese) = "сардинский (сассарский)"
• Surzhyk = "суржик"
• Tausūg = "таусуг"
• Tzotzil = "цоцили (цоциль, социль)"
• Yupik = "юпикские языки"

• Old Church Slavonic - must be Church Slavonic, "церковнославянский". All the songs here are in Church Slavonic (церковнославянский), a modern liturgical form of Old Slavonic ("старославянский"). Because a records of inhabitants IX-XI centuries has not survived:)


You don't seem to be searching for a hebrew interface, probably because there is little need in such interface (or it's not urgent at the moment) , but if you need one I would gladly help with its creation

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In Spanish:

Popular languages: = Idiomas Populares:
More languages: = Más Idiomas:

Aragonese = Aragonés
Aramaic (Syriac Classical) = Arameas (Siríaco Clásico)
Aramaic (Modern Syriac Dialects) = Arameas (Dialectos-Siríaco Modernos)
Cherokee = Cheroqui
Chinese (Hakka) = Chino (Hakka)
Croatian (dalmatian dialect) = Croata (Dialecto Dalmático)
Dutch (Middle Dutch) = Holandés (Holandés Medio)
Dutch (Old Dutch) = Holandés (Holandés Antiguo)
English (Middle English) = Inglés (Inglés Medio)
English (Old English) = Inglés (Inglés Antiguo)
English (Jamaican) = Inglés (Jamaiquino)
English (Scots) = Inglés (Escocés)
English Creole (Tok Pisin) = Inglés Criollo (Tok Pisin)
Estonian (South) = Estonio (Sur)
Egyptian = Egipcio
French (Old French) = Francés (Francés Antiguo)
French (Middle French) = Francés (Francés Medio)
French (Haitian Creole) = Francés (Criollo Haitiano)
French (Louisiana Creole French) = Francés (Criollo Francés) **or Francés (Criollo Francés de Louisiana)
Gaelic (Irish Gaelic) = Gaélico (Gaélico Irlandés)
German (Austrian/Bavarian) = Alemán (Austriaco/Bávaro)
German (Berlinerisch dialect) = Alemán (Dialecto Berlinés)
German (central dialects) = Alemán (Dialectos Centrales)
German (Low German) = Alemán (Bajo Alemán)
German (Middle High German) = Alemán (Alto Alemán Medio)
German (Old High German) = Alemán (Alto Alemán Antiguo)
German (Swiss-German/Allemanic) = Alemán (Alemán de Suiza/Alemánico)
Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic) = Gaélico (Gaélico Escocés)
Greek (Cypriot) = Griego (Chipriota)
Greek (Pontic) = Griego (Póntico)
Greek (Classical) = Griego (Clásico)
High Valyrian = Alto Valyria
Iranian (Balochi) = Iraní (Baluchi)
Italian (Medieval) = Italiano (Medieval)
Kurdish (Kurmanji) = Kurdo (Kurmanji)
Kurdish (Sorani) = Kurdo (Sorani)
Kurdish dialects = Kurdo (Dialectos)
Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) = Ladino (Judeo-Español)
Ladin (Rhaeto-Romance) = Ladino (Retor-Románica)
Nahuatl = Náhuatl
Old Prussian = Prusiano Antiguo
Polish (Poznan dialect) = Polaco (Dialecto Poznań)
Pseudo-Latin = Latín-Macarrónico
Romanian (Aromanian) = Romano (Arrumano)
Russian (Old Russian) = Ruso (Ruso Antiguo)
Sardo-Corsican = Sardo-Corso
Tongan (Old Tongan) = Togano (Togano Antiguo)
Turkish (Anatolian dialects) = Turco (Dialectos Anatolias)
Turkish (Ottoman) = Turco (Otomano)
Uzbek dialects = Uzbeko (Dialectos)
Yidish = Yidis

In French:
Aragonese = Aragonais
Ladin (Rhaeto-Romance) = Ladin (Rhéto-Roman)
Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) = Ladino (Judéo-Espagnol)
French (Middle French) = Français (Moyen Français)
Egyptian = Égyptien
Dutch (Old Dutch) = Néerlandais (Vieux Néerlandais)
Chinese (Hakka) = Chinois (Hakka)
English Creole (Tok Pisin) = Créole Anglaise (Tok Pisin)

In Japanese:
Aragonese = アラゴン語
Cherokee = チェロキー
English (Old English) = 英語 (古英語)
English (Middle English) = 英語 (中英語)

In Forums:
Speaking and learning languages using lyrics translations. = Hablando y aprendiendo idiomas usando traducciones de letras.

Arabic language = Árabe
Chinese language = Chino
English language = Inglés
French language = Francés
German language = Alemán
Greek language = Griego
Hebrew language = Hebreo
Italian language= Italiano
Japanese language = Japonés
Nordic countries languages = Idiomas Nórdicos
Persian language = Persa
Romanian languages = Rumano
Slavic languages = Eslovaco
Spanish language = Español
Turkish language = Turco
General language discussions = Discusiones generales de idiomas
Discussions for languages which don't have dedicated forums yet. = Discusiones para idiomas que aún no tienen su propio foro.
News & events = Noticias y Eventos
Read and share news from languages and translation world. = Lean y compartan noticias de idiomas y traducciones del mundo.

Wow the language sections from non-English versions of this site all need to be translated, oh boy that's a lot of work.

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Hey, I would like to help translating the interface into Swedish!

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Carnivorous_lamb, thanks for the list, languages have been translated. Unfortunately, we can't translate forums at the moment.

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In Greek

Popular languages: = Δημοφιλείς Γλώσσες
More languages: = Περισσότερες Γλώσσες

Aragonese = Αραγκονικά
Aramaic (Syriac Classical) = Αραμαϊκά (Κλασσικά Συριακά)
Aramaic (Modern Syriac Dialects) = Αραμαϊκά (Σύγχρονη Συριακή Διάλεκτος)
Cherokee = Τσερόκι
Chinese (Hakka) = Κινέζικα (Χάκκα)
Croatian (dalmatian dialect) = Κροατικά (Δαλματιανή Διάλεκτος)
Dutch (Middle Dutch) = Ολλανδικά (Σύγχρονα Ολλανδικά)
Dutch (Old Dutch) = Ολλανδικά (Παλαιά Ολλανδικά)
English (Middle English) = Αγγλικά (Σύγχρονα Αγγλικά)
English (Old English) = Αγγλικά (Παλαιά Αγγλικά)
English (Jamaican) = Αγγλικά (Τζαμαϊκανέζικα)
English (Scots) = Αγγλικά (Σκωτσέζικα)
English Creole (Tok Pisin) = Αγγλικά Κρεολικά (Τοκ Πίτζιν)
Estonian (South) = Εσθονικά (Βορρά)
Egyptian = Αιγυπτιακά
French (Old French) = Γαλλικά (Παλαιά Γαλλικά)
French (Middle French) = Γαλλικά (Σύγχρονα Γαλλικά)
French (Haitian Creole) = Γαλλικά (Αϊτινά Κρεολικά)
French (Louisiana Creole French) = Γαλλικά (Γαλλικά Κρεολικά της Λουιζιάνας)
Gaelic (Irish Gaelic) = Γαελικά (Ιρλανδικά Γαελικά)
German (Austrian/Bavarian) = Γερμανικά (Αυστριακά / Βαυαρικά)
German (Berlinerisch dialect) = Γερμανικά (Διάλεκτος Βερολίνου)
German (central dialects) = Γερμανικά (Κεντρική Διάλεκτος)
German (Low German) = Γερμανικά (Χαμηλά Γερμανικά) or (Κάτω Σαξωνικά)
German (Middle High German) =Γερμανικά (Σύγχρονα Υψηλά Γερμανικά)
German (Old High German) = Γερμανικά (Παλαιά Υψηλά Γερμανικά)
German (Swiss-German/Allemanic) = Γερμανικά (Ελβετικά)
Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic) = Γαελικά (Σκωτσέζικα Γαελικά)
Greek (Cypriot) = Ελληνικά (Κυπριακά)
Greek (Pontic) = Ελληνικά (Ποντιακά)
Greek (Classical) = Ελληνικά (Κλασσικά)
High Valyrian = Υψηλά Βαλυριανά
Iranian (Balochi) = Ιρανικά (Μπαλότσι)
Italian (Medieval) = Ιταλικά (Μεσαιωνικά)
Kurdish (Kurmanji) = Κουρδικά (Kurmanji)
Kurdish (Sorani) = Κουρδικά (Sorani)
Kurdish dialects = Κουρδικά (Διάλεκτοι)
Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) = Λαντίνο (Ισπανοεβραϊκά)
Ladin (Rhaeto-Romance) = Λάντιν (Ρωμαϊκά)
Nahuatl = Νάουατλ
Old Prussian = Παλαιά Πρωσσικά
Polish (Poznan dialect) = Πολωνικά (Ποζνανική Διάλεκτος)
Pseudo-Latin = Ψευδολατινικά
Romanian (Aromanian) = Ρουμάνικα (Ρομανικά)
Russian (Old Russian) = Ρωσικά (Παλαιά Ρωσικά)
Sardo-Corsican = Σαρδο-Κορσικά
Tongan (Old Tongan) =Τονγκανικά (Παλαιά Τονγκανικά)
Turkish (Anatolian dialects) = Τουρκικά (Ανατολικοί Διάλεκτοι)
Turkish (Ottoman) = Tουρκικά (Οθωμανικά)
Uzbek dialects = Ουζμπεκικά (Διάλεκτοι)
Yidish = Γίντις (Γερμανοεβραϊκά)

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Thanks, most of the list has been processed.

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Do you want any help with the Albanian or the Turkish ones?

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That would be nice. Which one you'd like to start with?

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I'll post both the Albanian and the Turkish list

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carnivorous_lamb wrote:

Ladin (Rhaeto-Romance) = Ladin (Rhéto-Roman)
Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) = Ladino (Judéo-Espagnol)
French (Middle French) = Français (Moyen Français)
Dutch (Old Dutch) = Néerlandais (Vieux Néerlandais)
English Creole (Tok Pisin) = Créole Anglaise (Tok Pisin)

Ladin (Rhaeto-Romance) = Ladin (Rhéto-roman)
Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) = Ladino (Judéo-espagnol)
French (Middle French) = Français (Ancien français)
Dutch (Old Dutch) = Néerlandais (Vieux néerlandais)
English Creole (Tok Pisin) = Créole anglais (Tok Pisin)

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In Turkish

Popular languages: = Popüler diller
More languages: =Daha Diller

Aragonese = Aragonca
Aramaic = Aramice
Arabic = Arapça
Bulgarian = Bulgarca
Cherokee = Çeroki
Chinese = Çince
Croatian = Hırvatça
Dutch = Felemenkçe
English = İngilizce
Estonian = Estonca
French = Fransızca
German = Arnavutça
Greek = Yunanca
Italian = İtalyanca
Kurdish = Kürtçe
Nahuatl = Nahuatl
Polish = Polca
Romanian = Romence
Russian = Ruşca
Turkish = Türkçe
Turkish (Ottoman) = Türkçe (Οsmanlı)
Urdu = Urduca
Spanish = İspanyolca
Portuguese = Portekizce
Japanese = Japonca
Georgian = Gürcüce
Albanian = Arnavutça
Kazakh = Kazakça
Macedonian = Makedonca

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Hello! Some corrections in Greek one!
Dutch (Middle Dutch) = Ολλανδικά (Μεσαιωνικά Ολλανδικά)
English (Middle English) = Αγγλικά (Μεσαιωνικά Αγγλικά)
French (Middle French) = Γαλλικά (Μεσαιωνικά Γαλλικά)
German (Middle High German) =Γερμανικά (Μεσαιωνικά Υψηλά Γερμανικά)
German (Swiss-German/Allemanic) = Γερμανικά (Ελβετικά Γερμανικά/Αλεμαννικά)
German (central dialects) = Γερμανικά (Κεντρικοί Διάλεκτοι)
English (Jamaican) = Αγγλικά (Τζαμαϊκανά)
Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic) = Γαελικά (Σκωτικά Γαελικά)
Kurdish (Sorani) = Κουρδικά (Σοράνι)
Kurdish dialects = Κουρδικοί διάλεκτοι
French (Haitian Creole) = Γαλλικά (Κρεολ Αϊτής)
Uzbek dialects = Ουζμπεκικοί διάλεκτοι
Romanian (Aromanian) = Ρουμάνικα (Αρωμανικά)
*Also, I would like to make clear that "Middle" in greek means "Μεσαία", but here refers to Middle Ages, so I think it's more correct the word "Μεσαιωνικά".


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