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It seems to me that we need to decide what alphabet of transliteration of the Russian language we will be working on, and to provide users with this alphabet, since there are many transliteration systems, and there is no generally accepted one for Russia. In particular, foreigners may not know the pronunciation of certain letters taken in one alphabet of transliteration, but they know them if they see the other.
I think this topic is important, because different Russian-speaking subscribers use different transliteration systems.

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I agree with you. Generally for transliterations the Roman (English) alphabet is used.

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Yes, but this is a poblem. Someone used the standat Latin alphabet, and someone use extended, and thise who use the extended don't give a damn, that someone may not understand how to pronounce the letters from Eastern European languages. I think it needs to ask moderators directly, because my topic hang here too much long and you're the first, who respond, so I think no one else not interested in that. (

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