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"In any situation-a cafe,the subway,a movie theater,you don't wanna be that guy.There is no strict definition of what it means to be that person,but usually it refers to the person who stands out for all the wrong reasons."
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Hi.I have problem with the PHR V "stands out".
Would you plz paraphrase the last sentence for me?

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"to stand out" means "to attract attention", "to stick out".
I'm no native speaker, but here my try of a paraphrasing: "There is no strict definition of "that guy" but normally someone is called "that guy" when he unwillingly attracts attention because of unfortunate reasons."

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That person sets an eye catching example to avoid. I'd say an offbeat or ill-mannered or ridiculous person

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'Stands out' is the opposite of 'blends in.' For instance, all the dark moths blend in with the dark, sooty tree bark when they are resting on a tree trunk, but the white moths stand out against the sooty bark, and are eaten by birds more often.