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Can someone write the rap parts that are missing from this song?


video: https://youtu.be/7M7XWAmkDSs

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One time for your ????
Two times for the ???

I hear 'manna' or 'mana'.

I ??? it came up bloody red > I saw it came up red

White chik
One neat ?? > White chick one knit square

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What I hear differently:

One time for your mind now
Two times for the mind now
(I'm kinda sure about this as it repeated in a later verse: One time to your mind, in your head)

White chick
wanted square

Convicted from the love to the dead
Love so strong it had to spread

That soul that came up bloody red
Cast it out with ?? young ?

Down from there was no surprise
A promised kid had chosen wise

In he felt like paralyzed
Actions whistle hypnotized

I guess the move he made was clean
And left the dirty place as scene