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I just sent a message to the website administrators because this morning
someone sent me a message without a sender and the title

"Hello, and shame on you rainymoon"

My first instinct was to publicly post something to my profile to make it clear that
1) I do not have to answer
ANY message if I do not want to, or share personal information. It is that simple.
I suspect it is someone I blocked because they were making me uncomfortable.*

And 2) The only people who have authority to make requests to me that I must follow
are moderators who would never behave in such a way.

Finally I decided to get in touch directly with IT, and to post it here. Nobody on the website
should have to put up with this kind of thing.

My main reason for posting this is to find out if anyone has had the same problem.
If it's the same individual, they should not have access to this website as they are violating
website rules.

How is it possible to send such messages with no sender? That would be my question.

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Can you screenshot the actual message please? (I want to see how it displays on your computer).


How do I embed the file on this thread?
I will try. Thank you

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Through an image host I think.


I see.
I was taken aback by it, and because it had no sender
then I deleted it, but I thought I could recover it easily.
I just tried to do that, but I don't see how. I guess you can only recover
it if you restore it as soon as you delete it?
In that case, I can't do it.

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I don't think there is a means to recover deleted messages. As for your question, the only thing I can think about is that the user's account has been deleted after they sent the message. I can't see another reason. The user may have been deemed to be a spammer.


All right, thank you Geheiligt very much.
If you want to you can mark it as solved.

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We may want to wait a little bit until someone responds this topic to give us their opinion Regular smile


Yes, I hope that if anyone has the same problem they talk about it.

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Very strange. When a user deletes his account all his messages are automatically deleted. At least it was earlier this way, but the soft was recently changed, so I cannot tell how it works now. One thing I've checked now: the messages from banned users don't get deleted and their names are visible.

As for recovering: There are two different actions that seem to have the same effect, but they are not the same. When you delete something there's no way to recover it. You can recover what was unpublished, but this action is intended only for the admins and moderators and applies to the lyrics, translations and comments only.

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Sorry to have that one happen to you. Seems very strange their name didn't appear, as Andrzej is right, banned users' names and messages keep showing. You can always block unwanted senders from sending you messages, and feel free to report it to anyone from the team, as we don't tolerate users that are harassing the others around, even in PMs.

As Andrzej mentioned, we can recover translations/lyrics/comments if they are unpublished, but nothing that is deleted either by the user or a mod - I think only the admins may have some way of reversing that.

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Gloria, I'm afraid even for the admins there are little chances. It's the same what happens on your computer - you can recover deleted files when you act immediately, otherwise they get overwritten pretty quickly and even if only partially, the game will be over.

And I cannot understand how it was possible to send a message without a name of its author. Let's see what the admins will answer.

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It was a message from a user who removed their account afterwards.
@rainymoon - you sent us a message, but disabled private message receiving. So if you have other questions, you may ask here or enable PMs.



Thank you very much.

Hmm, I did a test yesterday on this. I deleted a short message and then clicked "restore"
and it went back to the inbox.
I don't know anything about specifics, but I wanted to get the screenshot here, to support
what I am saying. However, if you try it with something you don't mind, you can see
that it says above in a green highlighted space "this can be undone." You "undo" it , as if
it were a MS Word action, and it restores it. But it definitely does not
do it for older messages. Anyway, thanks everyone.


It was a message from a user who removed their account afterwards.
@rainymoon - you sent us a message, but private message receiving. So if you have other questions, you may ask here or enable PMs.

Thanks. I will think of turning them on some other time. Right now I'm not feeling
much like interacting... because this was so disturbing. The reason I'm here is that it would be
a waste of precious time for others if I just didn't follow up with whatever this was.