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We've implemented audio player on collections. Your feedback is welcome!

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I noticed only Youtube videos appear in collections, any other links from sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. do not appear on Collections, will this be added at some point?

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I have three points to add:
1) I think it would be useful make the player opt-in, i.e. activate it only after pressing some button (like "Play All") in the header of the collection.
2) Otherwise, it will be great to be able to "extract" the tiny video player to above the expanded player (when playlist is visible).
3) Here I'm repeating myself, but in the case of only allowing YT videos, I think the separate field for the video for the player is a must. But it can be used for other purposes too, like providing alternative versions for playlist while leaving the song on the site intact.

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