Bugs after April 2017 update

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@Alma Barroca
The problem seems to be solved by now.
It wasn't an effect of logging in.
I always first log in.

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not really a bug. but still videos you just added couple weeks ago (sometimes days) keep disappearing. this is atrocious. better would be having a dedicated server where they all get saved for good. otherwise a lot of upkeep is just in vain. dont know why this isn't already done, probably a copyright/legal or financing issue.. but adding videolinks that just disappear is disheartening... right now when you calculate 10MB per song (480px video) you only need little over 1TB of data. cause there are 600K songs and each year theres around 100K more. i'm not an IT expert, but that amount of data seems to be manageable ? just a train of thought..

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Hosting vids is not that easy, if you want to accomodate the variety of devices on which they can be viewed.
Just as Youtube does, you need to maintain several versions, ranging from small, low quality for a low end phone which doesn't have the resolution nor the bandwith for hi-res streams, to a nice fat version that looks cool on a PC.
Besides, you might want to offer a flash player for compatibility with older browsers and HTML5 version(s) for more modern ones.

However, since this site is about sounds more than images, I suppose a simple picture (extracted automatically from the vid) with the music playing in the background would be quite enough to replace a dead Youtube link.
This would cost even less in terms of storage and bandwidth, since sound weights very little compared to video (less than 3MB for a typical 3 min song @ 128Kbps, which is more than enough for basic pop!).

But then there is of course the problem of copyright infrigement. Soon as the site hosts a vid, its owners are supposed to pay the royalties...

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" But then there is of course the problem of copyright infrigement.
Soon as the site hosts a vid, its owners are supposed to pay the royalties..."

yes, that's what i thought too... copyright is complicating things a lot.
for a small website like this the cost would be astronomical.. so that option is off the table.



Comments are usually meant for the author or the people involved in a discussion on the page. I don't see the point in letting all users know (briefly) about them.

If I understand you correctly, I agree. I see that the comments are back " live " on the public "Site Activity" feed-any and all comments. It's almost a deterrent for would-be commentators. I do not see it as necessary for most of us regular users. Maybe it helps the moderators in some way, but for me it is an unwelcome distraction. Wink smile
I'll get used to it, as this was how it worked before... Wink smile

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I got this error when clicking on a song on my profile: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/syvysharmavus-syksynharmaus.html

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@Pääsuke: We're working to fix it asap, thanks for reporting.

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lt wrote:

@Pääsuke: We're working to fix it asap, thanks for reporting.

No problem. Seems to be ok now Regular smile