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Can anybody tell me what the request limits are per day or month and when they are renewed if monthly. It's not in the FAQ
I keep getting 'you have reached your request limit for the day or month' messages.
Also, I am adding a lot of songs and am asking for translations of them into English - surely request limits shouldn't apply here - I should at least be able to request translations for songs I've added.
Any help appreciated

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Requests are limited to 20 requests per day, 100 requests per month (last 30 days).

Edit: Restrictions apply only to open requests. Once some of requests are solved, new entries can be added.


EddieA, it may give you some consolation to know that many of us accept requests.
Maybe we're not the most vocal team, but since you didn't know about this limit, this month
I for one will help you. And I know of some other translators who like to help. Of course, everyone
has limited time and sometimes aren't feeling like translating, but there's a group of us who
don't do it for the points. Stand by, I'll check your page -- some of them I can do. It may help you
to write something about it on your profile? I can think of a few people who are generally up for requests,
but of course this may change from day to day.

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Thank you for the information LT, but I think it should be on the FAQ
Also, it doesn't seem right that people who submit songs have the same limit as people who don't.
You would think one would get the same amount of requests as the number of songs one submits, at least.
I submit the songs in order to contribute to the site and to get translations for myself - it is the site that ultimately benefits by getting many hits for the same song. I saw one song with almost 200 hits - I am sure there are more.
I think it is a policy that needs reviewing.

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Thanks, rainymoon, I'm not sure what you mean about writing it on my profile can you pm me?
I can wait for requests to be filled in the normal way and I know from past experience some may take months - it was just the limit on making requests I found strange. About 99% of the requests I make are for songs that I have just uploaded - I could not keep track of them otherwise and would have to make a list at home to remember which I've requested, which have been answered etc, so I'll only upload to the request limit in future. I really appreciate your offer but I know that as long as the requests are there people will get to them eventually :-)

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HI Eddie, thank you for sharing your concerns. However, the limit was introduced because there was continuous abuse of the system and thousands of songs were requested daily; the limit is the same for everybody as far as I know (and the admins mentioned it), regardless of their contribution. Some people add translations, others add new songs, everyone contributes with whatever they could. I do understand your frustration, however we have many users who just copy and paste (wrong) lyrics found online, without a second thought, so I do not really see it as being too practical as a solution. Thanks for your understanding and I hope you enjoy your stay with us! Regular smile

PS. I agree with you about adding this information in the FAQ, thanks for mentioning it.


Thanks, rainymoon, I'm not sure what you mean about writing it on my profile


Regards Eddie, and you're welcome. I have sent you a PM.

What I mean -- I'm also going to explain it publicly, so that other people know how to do it, is the following:

1.Click on the pull-down menu under your user name--- which is there on the upper right-hand corner of any page, when you are logged in using a regular browser. I don't have the mobile appearance memorized, but it's kind of the same.

2.Choose "Edit Profile."

3. Then, you can edit your "About Me" or "Interests" section, and write a few lines asking for help from people who accept requests by PM.
A general message will let people know; even if not many write to you,
at least the information will be out there. I know of some translators who write in their profile that they accept requests.

4. Make sure to click on "Save" once you've done this and go see your profile. The "save" button is vibrant lime green, at the very bottom of the page and to the left of "cancel account," which is a button in gray (not a very happy button).

I hope that despite this limit, you can wait it out. I hope that you will continue using the website and enjoying it. As you can see, I am tending to your requests as much as I can,
as I enjoy solving requests, and I like the songs. I also will take a look at what you have added, which is visible from your "Topics."

Best wishes!

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