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Hello. If we report a vote using "report vote" option, will the user who gave the vote be banned from voting like forever?

Edit: I'm sorry I've posted about 4 times and I can't delete the previous ones.

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I deleted the other threads. And no, they will be banned from voting only if they keep on doing what's against the rules (like giving unfair votes, voting only as thanks etc.).

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Oh thanks for deleting them! I still don't understand how I posted them.
Thanks for informing!

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They might first have their voting ability removed as well.

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Oh, I got it. Thanks!

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When a user reports a vote the admins will see it and review it. Sometimes mods will see the 1 star reviews of will be notified about it. Those who are native/fluent in the language will be able to give their opinion on the matter, but otherwise after reviewing, the vote is removed.

The only way voting rights are removed temporarily (or permanently in some cases) is if a user is reported many times over or abuses their voting privileges. A user can't be banned for that though (as far as I'm aware of), they'd have to have other complaints on top of that to be considered for banning (and it's usually temporarily).

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Thanks for explaining!

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