Analysis about Galileo Galilei's songs

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I've been listening to Galileo Galilei these days and searching the lyrics and the translation I've noticed something curious in their songs. There are some songs that talk about the same thing slightly but in a different context.

I'm talking about John; I suppose John is a dog like 'The old man and the sea' said and this character appear more than once and I don't think is coincidence. I was searching information about the band and I found out that Yuuki Ozaki has/had a dog named Kotaro, I don't know he's talking about that dog or another one he had in the past.

In the song 'Jonathan', the name of the dog always appear as 'John' so I came up with it’s the nickname. I think in this song John is dying or has died already and Yuuki Ozaki talks about how hard is a dog leaves you and accepting the death.

This song, 'The old man and the sea' confused me a lot because I thought it was talking about a past love (a person), I thought the dog was a secondary character until I read on Tumblr that might be talking about John and suddenly it had sense. If we suppose there are three characters: I'd say Yuuki Ozaki because is who is singing, the lover and John but we don't know anything about the lover, it doesn't say anything about it but Jon is named several times and he is the important character, at the end the supposed lover doesn't appear, it’s just Yuuki and John.

One more thing, in this song Yuuki say something about some fragments of whale bones and there's another song named 'Whale bone' but I don't know if it has an special meaning.

I thought 'Ghost' talked about a person but no! I suppose is John again and here is the death topic, this song might be about his death, Yuuki refuses to forget him, nobody understand how he feels about the loss, he wants John to come back but that's not going to happen and this is a new change in his life so he's scared as he says at the end of the song.

And 'Buriki to gin to walnut', this song is not about John but he's named in one verse.

So if this is all true we got to know a dog was important for Galileo Galilei and I feel because of that the fans can get to know this awesome band better, also the various covers have a dog in it and in some songs a bark can be heard.

I realised something about two more songs: ‘Kanseitou’ (Control tower) and ‘Tokeitou’ (Clock tower): the first one talk about a couple is going to be separated and explain they’re willing to face all the adversities; and the second one talks about the couple being separated but at the end they meet again, I came up to think that ‘Clock tower’ is the continuation of ‘Control tower’ because of the context and the title of the songs are alike.

And that's all, it may be just a theory but this similar things here and there caught my eye, let me know if someone realise about this.

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[Edit: Sept, 2017]

I've been listening some Aimer's songs and I think this is a little bit related to Galileo Galilei in some way.
I'm talking about the song For lonely by Aimer ft Abe Mao, at the very end of the song I think I hear 'lonely girl' a few times but if I'm right that reminds me that Galileo Galilei have a song called Lonely boy and Aimer's song may be the other side of the Galileo Galilei's song?
I know Galileo Galilei and Aimer have done some collabs before and the analysis (above) makes me think about that possibility besides I haven't found the lyrics of that part of the song.

If anyone knows something I would be glad to hear it.