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If you're interested in learning the Tongan language, there is an awesome guy from Canada posting videos on a weekly basis on his YouTube channel. So far, he's punctual on his commitment to release a new video every week. And he's prudent in his lessons -- he teaches well for those not familiar with the language. I'd totally recommend it!

I've laid out a list for each lesson he's posted, and I'll make sure to update it accordingly.

Andrew Joachim's "Show Me How to Lea Fakatonga"

Introduction -
Lesson 1 -
Lesson 2 -
Lesson 3 -
Lesson 4 -
Lesson 5 -
Lesson 6 -
Lesson 7 -
Lesson 8 -
Lesson 9 -
Lesson 10 -
Lesson 11 -
Lesson 12 -
Lesson 13 -
Lesson 14 -
Lesson 15 -

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. Enjoy!

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Cool! It's amazing!
I shall begin to study it. Smile

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Thank you very much for posting and sharing these lessons on Tongan language. Just checked the Introduction video and will definitely start studying the language, as it sounded very unique and interesting!