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We are all fragile if we touch
we are made of dreams that do not make us sleep.
I do not sleep when I think of you
I do not sleep enough and compensation
I know that if we are united enough to understand the silence
without you I would be in a vacuum while together we are immortal
baby I accelerate the bike , close your eyes and turn off the lights
we see the light together
the evil that produces good
night looks down look that does not suit him
we smoke this life, a straw after orgasm
are all of them to shore, we make love off
we are white we are black, we are God that looks really
we are small and perfect as the world seen from the sky.
We are all fragile if we touch
we are made of dreams that do not make us sleep
things that can not be said
together we are the beginning and the end ..
and the end.
For you walk on mines
step for you this border
bringing in the trunk things that I can not tell
my life is a movie like the movies
you and me opposite poles : alkaline
just you me relax at the end
only thou releases endorphin
I do not trust other girls
we are unique : Alpine tigers
under the midnight sun I'll write my rhymes
and our life is rap music so above your heart
and how many people judge us , no one captures this moment
I dreamed that I was innocent, but then I woke up
and you were not there for nothing and remained the wrong type .
We try like animals
barefoot as gypsies
against the world with his hands
as if there were no tomorrow
Now we are ready to everything, things we can not say
dreams that do not sleep , we are the beginning and the end
I must not look at the sky to see where it rains
if you seek me are already elsewhere : e cloud 9
I that I covered with gold , precious days of our
and now I cry blood and you are all envious.
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Marione    Thu, 24/12/2015 - 11:05

1) Jake la Furia should be "Jake the Muss", like the character of the movie "Once were warriors"

2) It's not "alpine tigers" but "albino tigers" (no tigers on the Alpes...)

3) "we try like animals" should be "we chase like animals" or we "seek like animals" (ci cerchiamo/diamo la caccia)