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Now that I search for you and you are not here
I recall that the only thing that is willing
to talk to me is sadness
Now that the rain has taken with it
the last shred of your dress
Now that I've forgot what I am
I recall the past, what I used to be
If I have been what I used to be
it was because of your body
If I have been the night,
it was your night which wished for it
If I have been a kiss it's because my lips
learnt to become a kiss for you
If I have been what I am, it was in your lap
If I have been life it was in order to
give life to you
(Girl) Friend... friend
How sweet that word sounds today
Time wasn't time between us
While being together we felt infinite
and the universe was small
when compared with what you and I were
If you were what you used to be it was in my home
that for you, it became your palace and your hideout
Friend... friend
How sweet, that word
and how simple that word sounds today
There's no night darker than this night
and the cold gathers itself in the corners
of the soul
And now that the silence is erasing
the soft vibration of your words
Now that I'm next to nothing
I remember what I used to be like when you weren't here
How sweet, that word
and how simple that word sounds today
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Friend: (Amiga)

Ahora que te busco y tú no estás, recuerdo
Que sólo la tristeza quiere hablar conmigo
Ahora que la lluvia se ha llevado
El último girón de tu vestido
Ahora que he olvidado lo que soy
Recuerdo en el pasado lo que he sido
Si he sido lo que fuí, fue por tu cuerpo
Si he sido noche fue tu noche quién lo quiso


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