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Note: There are mistakes in the source lyrics. Here are the corrected lyrics first:
Que bella eres Me recuerda las olas y el mar
Yo nunca olvido como aquel di­a, los dos empezamos amar
Si pudiera pedir un deseo, quisiera que no fuera asi­
Es la que nunca olvido tan especial para mi­
Whoa oh oh oh (7x)
Con un beso fue suficiente para enamorarme de ti
Mis promesas son las culpables, si te enamoraste de mi
En lo mas profundo de mi corazon ay un vaci­o y te pido perdon.
Porque andar solo? Porque vivir solo?
Si solo no existe el amor.
Soy intenso y lo se
Quiero decirtelo bien
Aunque no pudimos ser, te amo y me amas tu
Entiende que mi corazon no puede mas finjir
Y tu, me recuerdas el sol en la manana
Como gotas de lluvia
Que el viento se llevo
Y tu, me calientas cuando siento frio oh oh Frio oh oh, frio oh oh
Me calientas cuando siento frio oh oh Frio oh oh, frio oh oh
Me calientas cuando siento frio
Whoa oh oh oh... Me calientas cuando siento frio, frio, frio Me calientas cuando siento FRIO.
How beautiful you are
You remind me of the waves and the sea
I remember well the day we fell in love
If I could have one wish, it would be that things weren't this way
I will never forget it, it was so special for me
One kiss was all it took for me to fall in love with you
My false promises were at fault if you fell in love with me, too
In the depth of my heart this is an emptiness, and I ask for your forgiveness
Why live alone, or travel life alone, if alone love doesn't exist.
I'm intense, and I understand
And I want to say this clearly
Even though we couldn't be, I love you and you love me
Understand that my heart just couldn't pretend anymore
And you, you remind me of the sun in the morning
Like drops of rain that the wind carries away
You warm me when I feel cold
You warm me when I feel cold
You warm me when I feel cold
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Author's comments:

Note that in the chorus, "quisiera que no fuera asi" can be translated as "I wish that IT wasn't this way" or "I wish that I wasn't this way." Based on Ricky Martin's recent personal revelation, you can make the decision as to what he means in the text.



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