A little escape (Fugidinha)

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A little escape

I'm in a lucky streak , no one can't understand it.
I enter the club, everyone stops to watch me
Everything is going right, but I'm being careful [1]
I can't mess it up this time [2]
There's always this special person, that stays by herself [3], she knows her potential,
And catches my attention, this is so dangerous,
Just now when I was feeling alright... [4]
I'm dying to touch you
I don't know how long I'll be able to hold on
But in order that we see each other, no one must know about it
I've thought about it already and know what I have to do
The only choice is to make a little escape with you
The only choice is to make a little escape with you
If you want to know what is going to happen
Let's escape first and later we'll see about it
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Author's comments:

Well, as usual, he is at the party or club. The original source is in a very colloquial style.

[1] "Ficar/estar esperto" means to be on the alert, watchful, ready to react eventually.

[2] "I can't lose this chance" does the job perfectly.

[3] "Ficar na sua" is a very colloquial idiom that means some things
a) It's when you decide not to interfere in a situation
b) When it's said as a command, it might mean "Shut up" or "Mind your own bussiness"

[4] He means he has recovered from a relationship or something not long ago

Certainly he wants them to make a little escape so that they can have a quick sex in private. The term "fugidinha" is catchy for the native ears because it can be shifted for its almost homophone variant "f*didinha", that means "a fast f*ck". It relates to the verb "f*der", where * goes for "o" or "u". It's highly offensive but very common among the curse words of Portuguese. That's it. Smile

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