Earth (Gaia)

Greek (classical)


Γαῖαν παμμήτειραν ἀείσομαι,
ἠυθέμεθλον, πρεσβίστην,
ἣ φέρβει ἐπὶ χθονὶ πάνθ' ὁπόσ' ἐστίν,
ἠμὲν ὅσα χθόνα δῖαν ἐπέρχεται ἠδ' ὅσα πόντον
ἠδ' ὅσα πωτῶνται, τάδε φέρβεται ἐκ σέθεν ὄλβου.
Χαῖρε, θεῶν μήτηρ,
ἄλοχ' Οὐρανοῦ ἀστερόεντος

Gaian pammιteiran aeisomai
ivithemethlon presvistin,
i phervei epi chtoni panth hopos`estin
imen hosa chtona dian eperchetai id hosa ponton,
id`hosa potontai, tade pherbetai ek sethen olvou.
Chaire theon mitir,
aloch ouranou asteroentos

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I will sing about the mother of all,
the well-founded and eldest
who feeds all creatures as many as they are,
all that move on the trusty land, and all in the sea, and all that fly, all these are fed from her wealth.
Hail, Mother of the gods,
wife of starry Heaven.

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