Look The Relaxation of Shadows At Night (Gece Gölgenin Rahatına Bak)

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Look The Relaxation of Shadows At Night

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Look the relaxation of shadows at night and turn to my destiny my lover
Your dreams will understand you but turn your face into your homeland
The World took its bag and left us the excess
It didn't turn its back, and come & taste the bomb of my heart
We put the justice in the middle, He said turn and we pace
Poor don't know anything about money, but put some fruit on rich's vodka.
You hit my heart, and say who cares anyone
There is a traiter nearby you, kiss me from my neck
Wait for a while nearby me, I'm sweating near a cliff
Whether if the angel of death winks, death receives us with open arms
Up on the night at morning, I fall from upside
On top of it offended people offend from night
If pen takes paper, sun covers night
Death stand nearby door, it will be our end
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Gece Gölgenin Rahatına Bak

Gece Gölgenin Rahatına Bak Bide Dön Kaderimin Bahtına Yar,
Seni Düşlerin Anlayacakta Dön Memleketin Haline Bak.
Aldı Dünya Çantasını Gidiyor Bıraktı Bize Fazlasını,
Dönüp Bakmaz Arkasına Bide Gel Tat Kalbimin Bombasını.
Adaleti Koyduk Ortasına, Dön Dedi Döndük Voltasına,
Fakirin Paradan Haberi Yok Ama Zenginin Meyvesini Koy Votkasına.
Hadi Gönlümü Vurdunda Söyle Kim Kimin Umrunda!


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