Honeysuckle (Geißblatt)

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"Wake up, wake up,"
Said the dew
As it falls on me from the spring-leaf.
The summer wind sighs and moans the secrets
That are well hidden in every soul.
Floodplain forests, ashen valleys, autumn shores,
A winter moon sinks now into the sea.
A look to the starry sky before sleep
Another smell for the beautiful honeysuckle
"Good night, good night."
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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a literal version. There is a poetic version available.

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„Wach auf, wach auf,“
Sagte der Tau,
Wie er auf mich von dem Federblatt fällt.
Der Sommerwind seufzt und jammert die Geheimnisse,
Die in jeder Seele gut versteckt.
Auenwälder, Aschetäler, Herbstgestade,


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