Jealousy (Gelosia)

English translation


I have no one a part from you
that have cheated on me like you know
I feel like a car that doesn't have, doesn't have no more the engine
I feel like a man that will live
in his pain,in pain
lonely in his pain now
but I feel strong you know
maybe because I neve hate
surely I shouldn't suffer this way, so uselessly
only because you said a yes
foolishly foolishly
with no brain
my friend, how much it cost a lie
a pain that the two of us share
Jealousy when it comes never goes
with silent you answer me that
with your crying you answer me that
with your eyes you answer me that you know
jealousy more you push it away more you will have it
you were don't know anymore to who you belong
complicity what is its value
sincerity it's so lucky who have it
the snake is here is arrived
is here sitting among us
he eats your heart like it was a tomato
so you become crazy
like a bull like a bull
unfortunately you don't use reason anymore
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Non ho nessuno a parte te
che mi ha tradito come sai
io mi sento un auto che non ha più
non ha più il motore
e mi sento un uomo che vivrà
nel suo dolore, nel dolore
solo nel suo dolore ormai


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