Shiny [ Glänzend (Shiny) ]

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Tamatoa was not always glamorous
Was not huge or even dull
But look at him now: Isn't he sovereign?
Because I am sparkling beautiful, baby.
Listen to your heart
That's what granny said.
Be who you are, deep inside of you.
I need three words and her argument fails.
It's bullshit!
I am rather ...
... shiny!
Like a treasure from a wreck in the sea.
Scrub the deck
And make it shiny
Like the jewelry on the neck of a rich woman.
Fishes are so stupid, they let themselves be caught by sparkle.
These idiots! Oh, it magically attracts them.
Where I am, it's even lighter.
Yummy, fish plate!
And then a dessert!
You surely taste great!
Yes, yes, yes! Small Maui has a problem with his look.
The small wannabe mini god.
Ouch! What a miserable appearance!
Let off the hook! Unterstood!
You were better before, man!
I admit, your carreer deserves applause.
And the tattoos, good style.
Just like you I created an art piece out of myself.
Never again hide! It won't work!
I am ...
... shiny!
Sparkle like an uncut diamond.
Like to show myself, I am so shiny.
Send army, but it will be risky for the guys.
My shell is well-known!
Maui-man! Come here, here, here!
I'll easily whack such a small demigod.
No kidding! Up here!
You don't exist anymore soon!
Now is the time, say: "Goodbye!"
She will understand it.
Far away from those who once left you
You desperately search for the love of the humans
You wanted to be tough
I'll easily crack your shell
And I'll really hurt you.
I will feel so shiny when doing it!
Check it out, your life will soon be over.
That's life, my friend. I am so shiny!
Now I'll eat you. One last word!
For me only!
You were never half as shiny
As strong as me and so shiny!
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Glänzend (Shiny)

Tamatoa war nicht immer glamourös,
War gar nicht groß und auch glanzlos
Doch jetzt sieh ihn an: Ist er nicht souverän?
Denn ich bin strahlend schön, Baby.
Hör auf dein Herz,
Das hat Gramma dir gesagt.
Sei wer du bist, tief in dir drin.


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dionysius     December 29th, 2016

Well done, I just have a very minor suggestion:

"Tamatoa was not always glamarous
Was not huge and even dull"

"Glamarous" should be "glamorous". Also, I think it sounds more natural in English to say "Was not huge OR even dull". Smile

Steena     December 29th, 2016

Thanks, added!