Go Away Kiddo [ Rooh Ya Shater (روح يا شاطر ) ]


Rooh Ya Shater (روح يا شاطر )

روح يا شاطر
لا تخاطر
حبي أصعب م التمنى
لا ع البال ولا ع الخاطر
حد ياخد قلبي مني
انا العشاق كم شكوا لي
في الهوى وكم نصحني
ع اللي مثلك كم حكوا لي
قالوا ياما وحذرني
قلبي البيّا
مو بالساهل
تملك أمره أو تسكن فيه
لا تتذاكى
وتعمل جاهل
قلبي لا ما يتغرر بيه
عيني ف عينك
لا تجاملني
فعلا حاسس بيا حبيب؟
وبنعومة و رقة انت تعاملني
وهذا غريب
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English translation

Go Away Kiddo

Go away kiddo
Don't risk it
My love is tougher than whatever you can wish for
It would not occur to a mind or an imagination
that someone would take my heart away
Lovers have complained to me time and time
about love and many have advised me
About the people who are like you, they told me tales
They said so much and warned me
My heart
is not easy
for you to control or reside in
Do not act smart
And play dumb
My heart is not one to be deceived
Look me in the eye
Don't compliment me
Do you truly feel me, love?
You treat me tenderly and delicately
And that is weird
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