Tuberose (gole maryam)

English translation


I put tuberose at your path
I was unaware, so I believed your vows
That night, in the silence of the desert
I remembered you, me, the moonlight and the scents of flowers
Our hearts were free from the sadness
You went and those dreams shattered and ruined
In your absence, a tumult of feelings came into my heart
I wasted my life waiting for you
Damn this world!
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gole maryam

گل مریم
گل مریم سر راهت پرپر کردم. ندانستم قسمهای تو باور کردم.
بیادم بیادم آمد آن شب در سکوت صحرا تو بودی و من و مهتاب و عطر گلها