Flower made of Stone [ Gole sangam (گل سـنگم) ]


Gole sangam (گل سـنگم)

گل سـنگم گل سنگم
چی بـگم از دل تـنـگم
مثل آفتاب اگـه بـر من
نتابی سردم و بیرنگم
هـمـه آهـم همه دردم
مـثـل طـوفـان پر گردم
باد مـسـتم کـه تـو صـحـرا
می پیچم دور تو می گردم
مثل بـارون اگـه نـبـاری
خبر از حال من نـداری
بی تو پرپر می شم دو روزه
دل سنگـت برام می سوزه
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English translation

Flower made of Stone

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I am a flower made of stone. What can I say about my lonely heart? If you don't shine on me like the sun, i'll be cold and colorless. All my sorrow, all my pain, blows wildly around like a storm. I'm a drunken wind twisting and twirling in the desert, around you. If, like the rain, you never appear, you can know nothing about my heart. Without you, I'll lose my leafs within days, and your stone heart will pity me. I'm a flower of stone. What can I say about my lonely heart?
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