The gondoliers from the Vistula (Gondolierzy znad Wisły)

English translation

The gondoliers from the Vistula

Somewhere far away, there's Venice,
gondolas with lanterns,
gondoliers are singing
for the people happily in love.
They're singing about love,
the echo is playing in the alleys
and the wind engrossed in it is getting silent.
The gondoliers from the Vistula1
carry sand on the barges,
by their oars, they stir the gold
of the stars reflected on the water.
The stars that faded in the morning
before the crescent disappeared
when over Warsaw,
a new sunny dawn was getting up.
They dwell without an address.
Those who want to write to them,
should write: The first barge
by the bridge. The Vistula river.
  • 1. the Vistula - the longest river in Poland
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Gondolierzy znad Wisły

Daleko gdzieś Wenecja,
Gondole z lampionami,
śpiewają gondolierzy
szczęśliwie zakochanym.
Śpiewają o miłości,
w zaułkach echo gra
i cichnie zasłuchany wiatr.