Darling (Güzelim)

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All together we're going to overflow,have fun,and run!
Shearing off from all problems,dancing and spooning!
Inflame like a firewood,spread like a fire
Let's go to the hunting readily,darling.
Let's get get into the mood,not someone that escapes like a rabbit,
Overflowes like a lion should come!
Let's go go have some fun!
Let's get get into the mood!
Darling,darling let's laugh all together
Let's be entranced,guys,now it's time to pay up!
Let's go have fun tonight,darling
We wanna have a drink
Escaping from bother and gried
Annihilated and losing in time
Finding him\herself again and again,only him\herself
Curious eyes are prying at us
Press always press,it's getting old
It's straining us so let's go,let's get into the mood
Look,i'll distress you,i'm not a great lover for you
My lover can't sleep with me,it serves you right
Oohh,it serves you right!
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Hep Beraber Çoşmaya Eğlenceye Koşmaya
Sorunlardan Kopmaya Dans Edip Oynaşmaya
Çıra Gibi Tutuşmya Ateş Olup Yayılmaya
Seve Seve Avlanmaya Güzelim Gidelim Güzelim
Girelim Havaya Girelim Tavşan Gibi Kaçan Değil
Aslan Gibi Coşan Gelsin
Gidelim Gidelim Kopmaya Gidelim
Girelim Girelim Havaya Girelim


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