Zelda - Ha Toferet (התופרת) (English translation)


Ha Toferet (התופרת)

בַּיוֹם בֵּיתָהּ הַקָּטָן כֹּה שׁוֹמֵם,
בְּלֹא יָדִיד, בְּלֹא חָתַן,
בַּלַּיְלָה יִשְׁלֹט בָּה אָדוֹן
נַעֲלֶה, נֶאֱמָן.
כְּשֶׁתֶחֱלֶה — יְחַבְּקֶנָּה,
כְּשֶׁתִּגְוַע — יְנַשְּׁקֶנָּה,
כְּשֶׁתָּמוּת —
יְאַמְּצֶנָּה אֶל לִבּוֹ הַקַּר,
בְּיָדַיִם שֶׁל עָפָר.
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English translation

The Seamstress

By day her modest house is so bare,
with no friend, with no spouse,
by night she’ll be ruled by a master
exalted, devoted.
As she sickens — he will embrace her,
as she ebbs — he will then kiss her,
when she dies —
he’ll hold her against his cool heart
with hands made of dust.
Translation Mine if not indicated otherwise. Please feel free to spread it like typhoid but I demand 5000 blessings in return. Booyakacha !!
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