Darling, oh my eyes!


Habibi ya eini

Habibi ya eini
Ya eini ya leili
Yam sahar eini
Bein hari wi leili

Walla shta' na
Wahaiatei einek
Yamfarei' na
Shta'na lei einounek

Beiu judek yabu samra
Yehla sahar beileil
Weil heilou bei yetiwal omra'
Wein ghani ya eini ya leil

El maghna hayateil ruh
Yeishfeil albeil majruh

Yalla neiro's wein ghani
Weinesh bei ahla jani

Yalla, yalla yalla
Yalla, yalla yalla

Yalla, ya Baseim
Tabeili sha waya
Winta ya Yasbee
Aseimli showaya
Winti ya mazika
Do ele shou waya

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Darling, oh my eyes!

Darling, oh my eyes!
Oh my eyes, my nights
You who are making my eyes not sleep
During my day and nights

I've missed
I missed your eyes
You who is separated from us
I have missed your eyes

In your presence, you who are named samra
When we are together it's more fun
And the beautiful one prolongs it
And we sing "ya einne ya leile" ( oh my eyes, oh the night)

Singing is the life of the soul
Heals the wounded heart

Let's dance and sing
And let's live in the most beautiful paradise

Come on, come on, come on
Come on, come one, come on

Beat the drums for me
And you yasbee
Improvise a little forme
And you oh music
Play yourself for me a little

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