Berry Sakharof - haChaim shemimul (החיים שממול) (Transliteration)


ha Khaim Shemimul

tzrif meetz al sfata majim
chol zahav schazu bemelach
schnei sartanim kvedim
jutzim bemachol
kadima hatzidah
veat musifa od ka bamikchol
ulai zeh jikreh lach ( jikreh lach )
beit kaffeh beatzaltaim
schnei gvarim lejad hapetach
kubiot mazal
rach schel tzeli kafu
dofek al haluach
veat mosifah katzeh schel chiuch
lezeh scheinatzeach
ulai zeh jikreh lach
kacha mimul at jotzet letiul
schachor al lavan metzajeret tziur
matok schejikreh lach, matok, schejikreh lach
ananim jerdu bentaim
veat krova elai kmo kerach
schnei klavim schchorim nitpalim lechatul
veat nemesah el hachajim schemimul
ulai zeh jikreh lach
jikreh lach
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haChaim shemimul (החיים שממול)

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